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Inside the aviarium at the Montecasino bird gardens in Fourways, Johannesburg  © NJR ZA, License


Fourways is the fastest-developing commercial and residential hub in northern Sandton, north of Johannesburg.

The Montecasino Leisure Complex, along with its cinemas, restaurants and Bird Garden is by far the largest tourist attraction in Fourways. But this upmarket suburb is also well-known for its excellent shopping malls, which include the Fourways Mall and Fourways Crossing. Between the two large Fourways shopping centres just about every need you can think of is covered, from banks to restaurants, from boutiques to street salesmen.

Business  travelers will also find Fourways to be conveniently located near the N1 Highway, halfway between the business centres of  Sandton and office parks of Midrand.

There is ample accommodation on offer: Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in Fourways, Self Catering Accommodation in Fourways and Hotel Accommodation in Fourways.

If you are looking for a great spot to stop for lunch or a romantic place to go for dinner, there are many Restaurants in Fourways to choose from!

There are two urban legends, one that the Lonehill Nature Reserve came to be when alarmed residents heard that an American had bought the topmost rock of the Lonehill Koppie. In a panic they had the surrounding area declared a nature reserve, and the American could no longer remove it. The second was that Afrikaners believed that the English would be driven out of South Africa if the top rock could be dislodged. The reserve is open from September through April on Saturdays and Sundays and is an idyllic place to laze away or exert oneself - both koppies may be climbed, and original rock art can be observed.

Fourways, a bustling suburb in Johannesburg, Gauteng, offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors.

Here are five things to see or do in Fourways:

1. Montecasino:

  • Description: Montecasino is a premier entertainment complex designed to resemble a Tuscan village. It offers a wide range of activities, including a casino, theaters, cinemas, restaurants, and retail shops. The complex is also home to the Montecasino Bird Gardens, which features a variety of bird species and other wildlife.
  • Activities: Gambling, watching shows and movies, dining, shopping, and visiting the bird gardens.

2. Fourways Farmers Market:

  • Description: This vibrant market is known for its lively atmosphere and wide selection of artisanal food, crafts, and fresh produce. It's a great place to relax, enjoy live music, and sample a variety of local and international cuisines.
  • Activities: Shopping for fresh produce and handmade goods, enjoying live music, and tasting different foods.

3. Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park:

  • Description: Located just outside Fourways, this park offers an educational experience with guided tours, where visitors can learn about crocodiles and other reptiles. The park also features a snake and reptile house and offers crocodile interaction experiences.
  • Activities: Guided tours, crocodile feeding, and reptile interaction experiences.

4. Fourways Mall:

  • Description: One of the largest shopping malls in South Africa, Fourways Mall offers a comprehensive shopping experience with a wide variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options. It recently underwent significant renovations and expansions to enhance the visitor experience.
  • Activities: Shopping, dining, and enjoying entertainment facilities like cinemas and play areas for children.

5. Bryanston Organic & Natural Market:

  • Description: While technically located just outside Fourways in Bryanston, this market is worth the short trip. It is Johannesburg's original outdoor market, offering a range of organic and natural products, from food to crafts. The market has a peaceful, family-friendly atmosphere.
  • Activities: Shopping for organic and natural products, enjoying homemade food, and participating in workshops and activities for kids.

These attractions offer a mix of entertainment, shopping, nature, and family-friendly activities, making Fourways a diverse and exciting destination.

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