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Rosebank, Johannesburg Accommodation

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Rosebank, Johannesburg

Rosebank is a very popular, upmarket and vibrant suburb in Johannesburg and is a hive of activity with many attractions for everyone to enjoy. The International Airport is less than 30mins away which makes it a convenient holiday destination for national and international visitors.

Rosebank has many attractions for all ages and also has popular shopping malls where you will find everything you need from clothing and banking to hairdressing and groceries. The Rosebank African Craft Market has a unique selection of quality designed African arts and crafts, masks, carvings, beadwork, ceramics, clothing and much more including food stalls and gift shops. It is open daily from 9am to 5pm. Another attraction for the whole family is the relaxing Zoo Lake which is a popular park where you can relax and enjoy watching the birdlife or enjoy some time on the pond on a rowboat. There is also a tennis court, bowling green and swimming pool available for the whole family to enjoy. Rosebank also has the bonus of being near to the very popular Wanderers Cricket Stadium which is the largest test venue in South Africa and hosted the ICC Cricket World Cup Final in 2003. It still hosts many international matches regularly.

Rosebank is in Johannesburg and enjoys a moderate climate with warm to hot summer days with most rainfall as afternoon thunderstorms and cool to very cold, dry winter months.

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Rosebank, Johannesburg Accommodation, Johannesburg
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