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Waverley, Johannesburg Accommodation

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Waverley, Johannesburg

Waverley is a small Johannesburg suburb of wide, treed streets and is wedged between the M1 highway and Louis Botha Avenue to the north of Highlands North. St Mary's Anglican School for girls in Waverley is the oldest school in Johannesburg, and there are several other schools that serve Waverley. Waverley is close to the Balfour Park shopping centre and just a few block from Norwood shopping centre.

The suburb of Waverley falls under the jurisdiction of the Greater Johannesburg Municipality. Visitors to Waverley will find Waverley just five minutes drive from the Wanderers Cricket Ground and Golf Club, as well as the Melrose Bird Sanctuary. The largest nearby shopping centre is that at Rosebank, where there are several malls. Dog lovers will find a dog training establishment situated near to the Waverley Bowls Club and the green belt here is a favourite place for city dwellers to walk their dogs.

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Waverley, Johannesburg Accommodation, Johannesburg
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