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Nelson Mandela Square

Nelson Mandela Square. At night it's a vibey place to be  © Marc Smith, License

Nelson Mandela Square

Sandton Square is situated directly opposite Sandton City Shopping Centre and has recently been renamed Nelson Mandela Square following the unveiling of a six metre tall bronze statue of Nelson Mandela. The square has become well known for its support of the Arts and of Fine Art. A symphony concert is held at Sandton Square every second Sunday, and the square's art galleries display works of art here at regular intervals. The Sandton Antiques Fair takes place on the Upper and Lower Levels of the Sandton Square at regular intervals, and offers a unique shopping experience with something for everyone - from the committed to the casual collector.

Sandton Square is host to numerous shops and stores of all categories, and here you can find pubs and restaurants to please every taste. The square also houses a library and a theatre. There is plenty of parking to be found around Sandton Square, which is a hive of activity after dark.

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