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The Johannesburg suburb of Kelvin is situated to the East of the M1 highway and to the North of Marlboro Road. Kelvin is completely closed off by gates and traffic booms to ensure security, and may only be accessed from two points. Situated at the heart of Kelvin is the Meadway Sports Club in a green area run by the Johannesburg City Parks Department. To the East of the suburb is a large area of undeveloped ground known as the Research Station.

There are no schools in the suburb and only one small shopping centre, and visitors should ensure that they have some form of transport available to them. The whole of the area to the South of Kelvin consists of either light industry or the township of Alexandra. Kelvin is just a short distance from the Buccleuch Interchange where three highways meet. These are accessed at the Kelvin on ramp to the M1 highway.

Nearby Points Of Interest




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Kelvin Accommodation, Johannesburg
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