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Rivonia is a large suburb in the north of Johannesburg bounded in the west by Bryanston, in the north by the Witkoppen Road and in the east by Bowling Road. The Rivonia Road, which starts as an extension of the Oxford at Illovo, has become a focus point for a great number of new office parks and commercial headquarters along its entire length, passes through Rivonia at its northern end and joins Witkoppen with an on ramp to the N1 circular highway.

Just to the right of and parallel to the Rivonia Road is the Rivonia Boulevard. This is a relatively new boulevard of cobbled streets and pedestrian walkways, and has several large shopping malls and centers and houses most well-known major chain stores. The Boulevard has several good boutiques and a host of small restaurants and cafes. This is a place to meet for that lunchtime drink or romantic evening meal. Away from the main thoroughfares of Rivonia are a collection of up-market houses set in quiet surroundings.

Rivonia, a bustling suburb in Johannesburg, Gauteng, offers a variety of attractions and activities.

Here are five things to see or do around Rivonia:

1. Liliesleaf Farm:

  • Description: This historic site was once the secret headquarters of the African National Congress (ANC) and a key location in the struggle against apartheid. It's now a museum that offers a deep dive into South Africa's history.
  • Activities: Explore exhibits, watch documentary films, and take guided tours to learn about the anti-apartheid movement and the events leading up to the Rivonia Trial.

2. Montecasino:

  • Description: A major entertainment complex designed to resemble an Italian village. It's located a short drive from Rivonia and offers a wide range of activities.
  • Activities: Enjoy the casino, catch a show at the theatre, dine at a variety of restaurants, watch a movie at the cinema, or visit the bird gardens.

3. Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square:

  • Description: One of Africa's largest shopping centers, located in the nearby suburb of Sandton. Nelson Mandela Square features a large statue of the former president and is a popular spot for photos.
  • Activities: Shopping at high-end stores, dining at upscale restaurants, and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.

4. Bryanston Organic & Natural Market:

  • Description: A charming outdoor market held every Thursday and Saturday, offering a variety of organic and handmade products.
  • Activities: Browse through stalls selling fresh produce, artisanal goods, crafts, and enjoy live music and delicious food from various vendors.

5. Norscot Manor Recreation Centre:

  • Description: A beautiful, historic manor house set in extensive gardens, offering a peaceful retreat from the city's hustle and bustle.
  • Activities: Stroll through the gardens, enjoy a picnic, visit the art gallery, or participate in one of the many recreational activities and classes available.

These attractions provide a mix of cultural, historical, recreational, and entertainment options, making Rivonia and its surrounding areas a great place to explore.

Nearby Points Of Interest




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