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SAB World Of Beer

The beer tasting takes you through the characteristics of five iconic SAB beers & their specific brewing processes  © AgencjaAIAC, License

SAB World Of Beer

The SAB World Of Beer offers a fascinating look into the processes and culture of beer-making and beer drinking through the ages.

The tour reveals the art and science of beer-making throughout history, from the early days in ancient Eygpt right through until modern times. The Heritage Hall has on display curious artifacts related to the South African beer industry including an old Castle Brewery beer truck. The museum has a re-created Sowetan sheeben and a typical pub from the old mining camps of Jo'burg.

A greenhouse located on the premises grows the barley and hops that make up the essential ingredients of beer. Learn how beer is made, beginning with the malting process, where the grains are made ready for brewing. The next step in the beer-making process is the brewing itself which takes place in large copper kettles. Once the beer has been brewed, the yeast is then added to work it's magic. After the fermentation process is complete beer is then filtered and bottled before making its way to your local pub.

After the tour, visitors are welcomed to the Tap Room where you can enjoy a couple of ice-cold frosties over a pub lunch.

15 President Street, entrance in Gerard Sekoto Street
Newton Cultural Precinct



Website: www.worldofbeer.co.za  

Phone: (011) 836 4900 

Email: events.co-ordinator@za.sabmiller.com

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