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Absa Money Museum

Next time you find yourself in downtown Jo'burg waiting for that money transfer from Mom, why not treat yourself to a visit to the one and only Absa Money Museum. Another first from ABSA.

Do you like money? Well then, the ABSA Money Museum is the place to be. The Absa Group Museum was awarded the coveted Bob Morris Trophy for the best numismatic exhibition in South Africa. Well, actually, it's also the only numismatic exhibition in South Africa.

The museum is located in the heart of Jo'burg's lovely inner city. And you can leave your wallet at home because the admission is free.

- the largest collection of old South African money (2nd only to De Beers)
- "the custodian of the economic, political, and social changes that are often so dramatically reflected in these currencies"
- cowry shells
- Venetian glass beads
- treasure from sunken ships
- bank-related crime
- instructions on how to use an ATM
- collection of over 600 money boxes

187 Fox St, Johannesburg

(011) 350-4167

weekdays from 08:00 - 16:00 (i.e. banking hours)


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