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Sandown is a suburb of large properties situated just next to Johannesburg's new central business district of Sandton. Sandown is situated right next door to Sandton Square and just a couple of blocks from Sandton City shopping mall and next to the Sandton Convention Centre. Sandton Sports Club is in the George Lea Park just a few blocks to the west of Sandown. Sandown is very close to the Inanda Club, famous in South Africa for its equestrian ties, and is within walking distance of the Wanderers Cricket Club.

Sandown has almost entirely been taken over by businesses using Sandton and its environments as the new Johannesburg central business district, and most of the houses that were once private homes now house commercial and financial offices. A number of secure townhouse complexes can be found in Sandown, mostly on the eastern side. Sandown and its surroundings host a number of first class hotels.

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Sandown Accommodation, Johannesburg
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