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Parkview is a small picturesque suburb of Johannesburg and is located on the western side of the city. The suburb is well appointed with schools, having its own pre-primary, primary and high schools. There is a small business centre situated on Tyrone Road and in the centre of Parkview is the George Hay Park. Parkview is host to the Parkview Golf Club, which runs down the length of the western side of the suburb. Parkview Golf Club is the only golf club in Johannesburg where the pro shop is run by women - a feather in the cap for the South African Women's Professional Golf Association.

Parkview is just a few blocks from the Johannesburg Zoological Gardens, the Herman Eckstein Park and the Zoo Lake Sports Club. Parkview sits beneath the Westcliff Ridge. Just to the west of Parkview lie the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens and Emmarentia Lake and sailing club.

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Parkview Accommodation, Johannesburg
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