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The small suburb of Boskruin is situated on the West side of Greater Johannesburg beside the M5 route that leads to Honeydew. Boskruin falls within the jurisdiction of the Randburg Municipality which, in turn, falls within that of Johannesburg. The village is mostly comprised of new up-market housing and security complexes and has a village shopping centre. Boskruin also has a flourishing tennis club.

Boskriun Koppie is one of the few remaining wild life areas remaining in the greater Johannesburg region. It has many species of indigenous trees, some hundreds of years old, and the flora are numerous. There are more than 140 species of birds and numerous other small animals (including hedgehogs, tortoises, and mongooses). Dassies can often be seen basking in the sun on top of the picturesque natural outcrop of ancient granite. There are plans to demolish the lower part of the koppie in order to develop further up-market housing.

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Boskruin Accommodation, Johannesburg
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