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Oaklands is a beautiful suburb in Johannesburg and is close to all amenities which makes it a convenient holiday destination for the whole family.

The Wanderers Cricket Stadium is the largest test venue in south Africa and in 2003 it hosted the ICC Cricket World Cup Final. The Wanderers Cricket Stadium is still host to many international cricket test matches. Not far from Oaklands is the Rosebank African Craft Market with a large selection of quality African arts and crafts such as wooden masks, carvings, beadwork, clothing, antiques and beautiful ceramics. The Rosebank African Craft Market is open daily from 9am to 5pm. If the military is something that you are interested in then this is the perfect outing for you while on holiday in Oaklands, The South African Museum of Military History. There is a huge selection of military items from medals, uniforms, aircraft, weapons and music to name only a few. The South African Museum of Military History also has exhibits from the Anglo Boer War, WWI, WWII and the Apartheid era. The Johannesburg Zoo is also a lovely outing for the whole family and has many animals to see and learn about on the guided tours that are available such as seals, chimps, rhinos, gorillas and polar bears.

Oaklands enjoys warm to hot and sunny summer days with most rainfall in summer as afternoon thunderstorms. The winter days are cool and sunny with temperatures dropping considerably in the evenings.
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Oaklands Accommodation, Johannesburg
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