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Interior of Turkish Mosque, Midrand  © South African Tourism, License


Midrand is an area of Johannesburg that encompasses many suburbs and was once its own municipality. It was encorporated into the Greater Johannesburg Municipality in the year 2000. The area includes many suburbs that are, in themselves, household names. There is Kyalami, once only known for the Kyalami motor racing circuit but today housing a large office park and many brand new secure housing developments. The whole of the Midrand area is probably the area of most rapid development in the whole of South Africa.

Midrand includes the Boulders Shopping Centre and the Gallagher Estate, where there is a large exhibition centre. Midrand Airport is a general aviation airport and is situated to the East of the N1 highway. The western suburbs of Midrand are all agricultural and constitute the highest equestrian area of South Africa. The more central suburbs of the area host the headquarters of many large technology and medical companies.

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Midrand Accommodation, Johannesburg
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