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Interior of Turkish Mosque, Midrand  © South African Tourism, License


Midrand is an area of Johannesburg that encompasses many suburbs and was once its own municipality. It was encorporated into the Greater Johannesburg Municipality in the year 2000. The area includes many suburbs that are, in themselves, household names. There is Kyalami, once only known for the Kyalami motor racing circuit but today housing a large office park and many brand new secure housing developments. The whole of the Midrand area is probably the area of most rapid development in the whole of South Africa.

Midrand includes the Boulders Shopping Centre and the Gallagher Estate, where there is a large exhibition centre. Midrand Airport is a general aviation airport and is situated to the East of the N1 highway. The western suburbs of Midrand are all agricultural and constitute the highest equestrian area of South Africa. The more central suburbs of the area host the headquarters of many large technology and medical companies.

Midrand, located between Johannesburg and Pretoria in the Gauteng province of South Africa, offers a variety of attractions and activities.

Here are ten things to see or do around Midrand:

1. Nizamiye Mosque: Visit the largest mosque in the Southern Hemisphere, known for its impressive Ottoman-style architecture and serene atmosphere.

2. Lory Park Animal and Owl Sanctuary: Enjoy a family-friendly outing at this sanctuary, which offers opportunities to see a variety of animals, including big cats, birds, and reptiles.

3. Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit: Experience the thrill of motorsports at this famous racetrack, which hosts various racing events and offers driving experiences.

4. Mall of Africa: Shop at one of the largest malls in Africa, featuring a wide range of international and local brands, dining options, and entertainment facilities.

5. Montecasino: Explore this Tuscan-themed entertainment complex offering a casino, restaurants, theaters, a bird garden, and more.

6. South African Lippizaners: Watch the impressive horse performances by the South African Lipizzaners, known for their classical dressage shows.

7. Vodacom World: Visit this interactive technology center to learn about the latest innovations in telecommunications and experience hands-on exhibits.

8. Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park: Get up close with crocodiles, snakes, and other reptiles at this park, which also offers guided tours and feeding demonstrations.

9. Kyalami Country Club: Play a round of golf at this scenic and well-maintained golf course, offering a relaxing environment and beautiful views.

10. Rietvlei Nature Reserve: Enjoy a day in nature at this nearby reserve, which offers hiking trails, birdwatching opportunities, and a chance to see wildlife such as zebras and antelopes.

These attractions provide a mix of cultural, recreational, and entertainment options, making Midrand and its surrounding areas an interesting place to explore.

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Midrand Accommodation, Johannesburg
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