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Inanda is a tiny suburb of Johannesburg and is located a stones throw to the South of the Sandton City shopping centre. Inanda is in a green belt area in central Johannesburg and is famous for being the host suburb to the Inanda Club, South Africa's premier polo ground. The individuality of the Inanda Club lies in its strong equestrian inheritance and in the exclusivity and privacy that it offers its members. The club offers a rural atmosphere to its members, and reciprocity is offered to many of the world's top clubs. The club has a country base near to Kyalami where there are 100 boxes where horses may be stabled. Although small, the Inanda Club has an international reputation second to none.

Housed in the grounds of the Inanda Club is a field centre for the South African National Bird of Prey Centre, which is committed to the conservation of raptors. Visitors may view a number of captive raptors for a small entrance fee.

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Inanda Accommodation, Johannesburg
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