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Houghton Estate

Houghton Estate is, arguably, the suburb of Johannesburg that houses the most costly properties in the city. Houghton Estate is situated on either side of the M1 and Central Road just to the north of the old central business district. This is the suburb of Johannesburgs Old Money, where the houses never have less than six bedrooms and three bathrooms. Houghton Estate is home to the world famous Houghton Golf Club as well as the Old Edwardians Sports Club and Killarney Golf Club.

There are no shopping malls in Houghton Estate, but the suburb has several well known centers dotted around its extremities; there is the large shopping complex at Rosebank sitting on Houghtons northwest corner, Killarney Mall and the Consulate General of the United States in the southwest. The suburb is just a few blocks from the Johannesburg Zoological Gardens and the Zoo Lake Sports Club.

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Houghton Estate Accommodation, Johannesburg
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