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Greenside is a beautiful suburb in Johannesburg with gorgeous Jacaranda trees creating this beautiful setting. Greenside was once a farm but has since established into a quaint town with high-end restaurants.

If you enjoy a relaxing 18 holes while away from home then the Parkview Golf Course is just the place to do this. For a fun and relaxing day out with the family, you might like to take a trip to the Zoo Lake where you can relax on the lush green grass that surrounds the pond, or enjoy a game of tennis, bowls or a slow relaxing row on the row boats. Another family outing is the Johannesburg Zoo where there are guided tours daily, you will also get to see a variety of animals such as, pola bears, crocodiles, rhino, seals, chimps, vultures and gorillas. If you are interested in Military equipment or Military History, then you must not leave without seeing the very popular and interesting SA Museum of Military History where you will find interesting exhibits starting from the Anglo Boer War, WWI, WWII and the Civil War Against Apartheid. The Rosebank African Craft Market is open daily until 17h00 where you will find many exquisite hand-crafted arts and crafts.

Greenside is in the greater Johannesburg area and has a moderate climate with warm summer months with most of its rainfall as thunderstorms and cold winter months with very cold winter evenings.
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Greenside Accommodation, Johannesburg
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