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A view from the Paardeberg  © andrew garton, License


Voor Paardeberg
Voor Paardeberg is a beautiful, tranquil and sought-after suburb in the Western Cape. It is well known for its wine produce and citrus and wheat farming.

The absolute beauty of the area is an attraction of its own. The wine farms and the charm of the authentic buildings create a warm atmosphere which is very welcoming. While visiting Voor Paardeberg you will be able to enjoy game drives, hikes and some relaxing at the dam while fising. There are a number of species of small buck and also zebra and a variety of bird species including the graceful fish eagle.

The Western Cape climate is generally warm and dry during the summer months and cold and wet during the winter months. Voor Paardeberg has a hot and dry climate with a cool south westerly wind which is almost constant and therefore makes for cooler temperatures.

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Voor-Paardeberg Accommodation, Cape Winelands & Breede Valley
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