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Wijnland Auto Museum

Wijnland Auto Museum
This unique museum is situated in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. The museum has an incredible collection of vintage cars, which is also the largest in South Africa. It is a very interesting and enjoyable day out for the whole family. Here you will get to admire some spectacularly restored classic and vintage vehicles. The Wijnland Museum is not only for the car enthusiast but for everyone. You will be surprised at the amount of cars and will enjoy the outdoors too. The museum is well known and loved by locals and visitors. From the outside the museum looks almost like a scrapyard but that it surely isn't. Some of the cars are rare and very old which also allows for a great photo shoot opportunity.
The Wijnland Auto Museum is open daily until 4pm.

For more information please contact:
Tel: +27-21-9884203
Or email: iboshoff@ecsystems.co.za

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