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Wellington Museum

Wellington Museum

Situated 45 minutes from Cape Town, in the winelands of the western Cape, lies the town of Wellington. It was proclaimed in 1840 on the farm Champagne. Part of the farmland was used for the church which was consecrated in 1840, with Reverend AF du Toit as the first minister and the rest of the land was subdivided into plots which became the nucleus of the town. The Wellington Museum was founded in the early seventies by a group of dedicated residents to preserve the history of the town and its surrounding district and not only features the cultures of various African ethnic groups but also how America, England, Scotland, France, and the Netherlands tie into the history of South Africa. The museum has Stone Age artifacts on display as well as traditional ethnic tools, musical instruments and jewelry of the Sotho and Tswana people. There is also a unique collection of Egyptian artifacts dating back to the time of King Akhenaten (approximately 1375 BC). There is also the history of the establishment of the first farms and formal industries by the Free Burghers from the Netherlands and the Huguenot refugees.
The museum is open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 and on Saturdays (October to February) from 09:00 to 13:00. Between March and September and on public holidays, the museum only opens on Saturdays for confirmed group bookings of over 25 people.

For more information, bookings and tariffs please contact:
Tel: +27-21-8734710
Or email: welmus@mweb.co.za
Physical Address:
Church Street

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