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Breytenbach Centre Wellington

Breytenbach Centre Wellington
The Breytenbach Centre is situated in the picturesque town of Wellington in the Western Cape in South Africa. The centre is ideal for functions such as conferences and workshops. This building dates back to more than 150 years and has been home to many including being used as a day hospital. A lot of work and money was needed to renovate it but it was done. Most of the house is just as it was in the old days so that you can still get a sense of how it used to be. The centre is not a museum but a centre where everyone can get involved and join in growing and developing the community. The centre offers a variety of courses such as yoga, music, language classes, arts and crafts such as mosaicing and ceramics to name only a few. There are often exhibitions held here where up and coming local artists display their work. The Breytenbach Centre aims to develop creative activities to help build and develop the community and ultimately contribute to the countrys cultural life. The centre is used for training workshops where arts, music, drama and writing are grown, and wants to empower the community by providing multi dimensional cultural programs.

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