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Strooidak Church

Strooidak Church
The Strooidak Church is situated in Paarl in the Western Cape, South Africa. Strooidak translated into English is, "straw roof" or "thatch roof". It is a popular church in Paarl and is very active within the community. It is a popular venue for a perfect wedding ceremony. It is the third oldest congregation in South Africa and the oldest church building in the country. In 1691 permission was given for the Huguenots to have their own congregation. The vision of this congregation is: "We join together in the glory of the Holy Trinity, in support of one another and to bear witness in this world." It is a spiritual congregation today. The inaugural address at the consecration of this church was delivered in 1805. To the left of the church is a church bell which was added in 1811 and the graveyard was laid out in 1720. This church holds a lot of history and is a very interesting visit.

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