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Hout Street Gallery

Hout Street Gallery
The Hout Street Gallery is situated in the beautiful town of Paarl in the Western Cape, South Africa. The gallery was established in 1975 and has since grown from small buildings to one of the most well known and beautifully kept galleries in the Western Cape. This Georgian style gallery is a must see when visiting the Cape.
Apart from the relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, the gallery has many pieces exhibited here, from paintings by well known artist to new artists. The gallery also boasts an upmarket gift shop with a large variety of arts and crafts available.

Monday - Saturday 8:30am - 5:30pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm

For more information contact:
Tel: +27-21-8725030
Fax: +27-21-8727133
Or email: zetler@icon.co.za

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