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Wolseley is situated in the breathtaking Breede River Valley and is only 90 mins away from Cape Town itself. Wolseley is largely a farming community with a variety of farms such as: fruit, grapes, vegetables, olives and dairy. It is surrounded by picturesque mountains that are usually covered with snow during the winter months.

The wine routes are one of the most popular activities in the Western Cape as are hiking, camping, fishing and the hand made pottery and crafts are a must when visiting.

Wolseley is in the Western Cape and thus has a mediterrainean climate, warm dry summers and wet, cold winter. During summer months you can expect the temperature to drop to a 15deg celsius and during the day, climb to a hot 27deg celsius. During winter the minimum temperature is not often lower than 7deg celsius and during the day it is a cool 18deg celsius. The best time of the year to visit Wolseley is during the months of March through to April.





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Wolseley Accommodation, Cape Winelands & Breede Valley
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