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Windmeul Winery Farmers Market

Windmeul Winery Farmers Market
The Windmeul Winery Farmers Market is situated in the beautiful Western Cape Province of South Africa. The Farmers Market offers a unique shopping experience and has become popular amongst locals and visitors. Where else can you get fresh produce like this? Everything is fresh from the farms and here you will find organic vegetables, fruit, jams and preserves, olives, freshly baked breads, chicken and pork to mention only a few. Everything is of high quality and it is well worth your while bringing along your shopping basket.
The last market for 2010 will be held on the 6 December.

For more information and 2011 market dates please contact:
Tel: +27-21-8698043
Fax: +27-21-8698614
Or email: windmeul@iafrica.com

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