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Butterfly World

Butterfly World is a magical garden full of tropical plants, water features, and lots of butterflies. It's a wondrous place to visit for children and adults alike.

Display boards explain the life-cycle of these beautiful creatures. The pupae of dozens of different butterflies are imported from around the world. In time, these pupae metamorphosize into beautiful butterflies of all shapes, colours and sizes.

The enclosure also houses marmoset monkeys, iguanas and numerous birds, as well as tarantulas and scorpions. There is also an outdoor garden with ducks and geese, and a petting zoo with goats and tortoises.

A restaurant serves light meals and refreshments and there is also a gift shop.

Daily 09h00 to 17h00

R44, just off the N1, Klapmuts

(021) 875-5628

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