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The suburb of Clubview is an old established suburb in Centurion, which is full of old world charm. The suburb falls within the ecological zone known as Bakenveld and it is well scattered with woody plants and grasses. The Hennops River flows through the centre of Clubview and some of the vegetation along the river includes the White Stinkwood, the River Bushwillow, Sweet Thorn and Karee. The Hennops River hiking trail offers an excellent opportunity to view a large number of bird species. Not far from Clubhouse, in the northern part of Centurion visitors can find the Zwartkop Airport which houses the South African Air Force Museum.
Clubview offers easy access to commuters travelling to either Pretoria or Johannesburg, via the N1 (Ben Schoeman Highway) or the old Johannesburg road. It also offers easy access to the East via Trichard Street onto the Ben Schoeman Highway (N1).

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Clubview Accommodation, Pretoria - Tshwane
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