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Queenswood is a quiet, secure and centrally situated suburb in Pretoria. It is conveniently close to shopping malls and entertainment facilities.

The whole family will enjoy a day out to the Pioneer Museum in Silverton where you will experience the way of life of the farmers back in the 1800's when they used to bake bread, make candles, grind wheat, roast coffee and you can try your hand at milking. The gardens are also a peaceful area to enjoy a family picnic. The sand-stone Union Building which was completed in 1913 is most recognised in South Africa for the symbolic two wings of the buildling which represents the unity of the two cultures achieved since the Anglo Boer War. It is not open to the public but is admired by many visitors from the surrounding gardens. There is a nearby golf course is you want to enjoy a round of 18 holes or just hit a few practice balls to keep your swing in shape while on holiday. The South African State Theatre has something for the whole family from ballets, dramas, cabarets and children's theatre and should not be missed while visiting Queenswood.

Queenswood enjoys a moderate climate with warm to hot summer days with most rainfall as thunderstorms and cool to cold winter months.

Nearby Points Of Interest




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Queenswood Accommodation, Pretoria - Tshwane
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