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Zwartkops Raceway

13th annual Festival of Speed (2014) at Zwartkops Raceway outside Pretoria  © aBr Magazine, License

Zwartkops Raceway

Zwartkops Raceway

Zwartkops is a Raceway that was born out of passion! This comprehensive racing facility is located just outside of Kyalami en route to Pretoria and offers visitors access to the exciting and varied aspects of the motoring world. Whether it be go-karts or four-by-fours, superbikes or racing cars Zwartkops is the place to be for both participators and spectators. The world class facility includes an environmentally friendly 4x4 driver training course and the only internationally licensed kart circuit in South Africa. For those wanting to learn how to race cars or bikes, Zwartkops also offers professional driving and motorbike instruction as well as advanced driver education and driver safety courses. The raceway is owned by Zwartkops International World of Motoring, and is said to be the home of motorsport in South Africa, with almost 76 percent of circuit racing licence-holders living in the province.

Many production houses, manufacturers and performance shops use the facilities for product evaluation and demonstration, including tyre performance and other aspects of high-speed mechanics. But what its all about, what gets the blood pumping is the main attraction, the domestic and international motorsport, which happens on a monthly basis.

Zwartkops aims to be the most exciting motoring centre in Africa while still being practical and affordable. They have also endeavoured to create an Arena circuit, so that everybody can see and know what is happening and experience the sight and sound of motor racing. Growing motorsports on the continent is also important and in the last 12 years Zwartkops has grown motorsport with the introduction of 14 new formulas while also attracting international participants to stimulate the sport. Zwartkops enables the man on the street the opportunity on selective days to enjoy driving, with full support.

Facilities at the Zwartkops raceway include the track, skidpan, kart circuit, rental units, 4 X 4 Course, ZOC Clubhouse, Drive in circuit, Lecture facilities and a Kiddies Quad Centre.

Zwartkops Motor Racing state that their focus is on taking care of the fans and the competitors. That their fans are their customers and their greatest asset. They believe that in order to have fans they must sell the memory as much as the race. In order to draw the crowds they have to entertain.

Like it has been stated before, Zwartkops has a purpose and its passion is participative motoring for all and aspirational motoring for tomorrows champions.

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