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Burgers Park

Burgers Park
Burgers Park is located in the centre of Pretoria, South Africa. It was founded in the 1870's. The park covers 4 acres and has been declared a South African National Monument. It was named after the second President of the Transvaal, Thomas Francois Burgers and there is a statue of the President in the park.
The park is beautiful and is a relaxing area where locals and visitors enjoy an escape from the busy city lifestyle. Some of the structures in the park are quite spectacular. There is a fish pond which is the focal point of the park and a cast iron bandstand which has a Chinese pagoda style roof. This was made in Scotland and has been in the park since 1895. In the middle of the park there is a small pavilion with a refreshment kiosk. This pavilion was where they held a glamorous dinner to welcome home the prime minister of South Africa from England. There is a florarium which was built in 1974 and displays many plants from a variety of different climatic regions. Many of the trees and plants in the park were planted to commemorate important events. There is also a World War 1 monument which was built to honour those South African Scottish Regiment who died in the battle.

This is a beautiful area in Pretoria which you should visit if you live in the area or if you are visiting. The park is well kept and beautifully maintained. You will enjoy relaxing and be amazed at the beautiful structures there.

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