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Wonderboom Nature Reserve

The Wonderboom is a 1,000 year old wild fig tree located on the northern slopes of Magaliesberg, near the Apies River just north of Pretoria. The tree was given it's name by Hendrik Potgieter and his Voortreker followers who discovered this amazing specimen in the early 1800's.

Local Tswana tribes have known about the tree for hundreds of years.. For them it is a sacred place. Archaeological findings indicate that the area was an important hunting area, where wild animals could be funnelled into the narrow pass through the mountains formed by the Apies River, where they could be ambushed.

At the centre of the Wonderboom tree stands the original tree trunk, over 5m thick. Over hundreds of years the tree's massive limbs spread out and would touch the ground. From the radial points new trunks would grow. This process has resulted in a single tree with 13 different trunks, covering an area nearly 50m in diameter.

A short hike up the hill will take you to the remains of the Wonderboom Fort. Although there is not much left of the fort, the view across the city is well worth the effort.

- from Pretoria head north on the R101 (Paul Kruger St)
- just pass the mountains, turn right onto Lavender Rd
- just over the Apies River bridge turn right again into the reserve

Daily 07h00 to 18h00

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