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Sunnyside (Johannesburg) Accommodation

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Sunnyside (Johannesburg)

Sunnyside, Johannesburg

Sunnyside is a small suburb of Johannesburg and consists of approximately 3 blocks. The majority of buildings in Sunnyside are either offices or multi storey accommodation. Sunnyside, Braamfontein Werf and small parts of neighbouring suburbs like Parktown form an area known as Millpark. The area is close to both the University of Johannesburg, and University of the Witwatersrand, and is undergoing a process of urban renewal.

Millpark is home to the Millpark Hospital, one of Johannesburgs premier private hospitals. Milpark Hospital has had a number of famous patients including former president Nelson Mandela who was treated at the hospital for an acute respiratory infection in January 2011 and underwent a laparoscopy there in February 2012.

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Sunnyside (Johannesburg) Accommodation, Johannesburg
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