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Silverwoods Country Estate Accommodation

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Silverwoods Country Estate

Silver Lakes
Silver Lakes is an upmarket, well sought after area in Gauteng where you can enjoy complete relaxation away from the city lifestyle. It is approximately 45 minutes away from the International Airport which makes it convenient for national and international visitors.

One of the closer attractions that the whole family would enjoy is the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens that boasts as many as 180 bird species and a variety of indigenous plants and flowers. The Pretoria National Botanical Gardens are open daily from 8am to 6pm. Another magnificent, upmarket venue in Silver Lakes is the Silver Lakes Golf Club where you will enjoy the spectacular views and superb lakes and water features on this course. The Sammy Marks Museum is also an enjoyable outing for the whole family with its Victorian style home in the county setting where you can relax on the lawns, enjoy lunch and a game of croquet. The Pioneer Museum in Silverton is nearby Silver Lakes and you will enjoy watching and learning about the way of life in those days. Here they show you how they baked bread, roasted coffee, ground wheat, made their own candles and you may try your hand at the milking.

Silver Lakes enjoys a moderate climate with warm to hot summer days with most rainfall as thunderstorms and cool to very cold winter months.

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Silverwoods Country Estate Accommodation, Pretoria - Tshwane
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