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Lone Hill, Johannesburg  © Derek Keats, License

Lone Hill

Lonehill is a large secure suburb situated just a couple of kilometres to the east of Fourways. The suburb gets its name from a secluded kopjie around which the suburb of the same name has arisen. At the top of the kopjie are a numberof large boulders, very old rocks, which are surrounded by trees and indigenous shrubs that almost obscure the rocks except for those at the very top. The kopjie, which covers about 8 hectares is some 80 metres above the surrounding veld, much of which has been taken over by housing developments.

During the week it is fenced off, but is open to the public at weekends. There are three Iron Age furnaces in the veld beneath the kopjie that were excavated in the 1960s but are now covered up again. Nearby there is evidence of pottery manufacture. A large mound of square granite blocks can be seen at the foot of Lonehill kopjie, evidence of an abandoned government quarry. The whole of the Lonehill community is very security conscious, evidence of which can be seen dotted around the suburb.

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Lone Hill Accommodation, Johannesburg
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