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Kyalami Park Accommodation

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Kyalami Park

Kyalami (which means 'My Home' in Zulu), in the Northern area of Gauteng near Midrand, contains many great aspects. The greatest being the fact that it has a very popular Internationally acclaimed Grand Prix racing track.

It is also home to some of the most magnificent horses, the South African Lipizzaner. Every Sunday there is a beautiful show in which the majestic pure white animals perform classically amazing and elegant dressage. This is truly not be missed.

Recently this area has developed into a fantastic commercial and suburban residential town of the City of Gold (Johannesburg). There are coffee shops, stunning Restaurants, Country Clubs for golfing (those seeking a challenge or fun will surely not be disappointed).

Whether you are looking for fun, adventure or a nice relaxing time, Kyalami is definitely the place you want to be.

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Kyalami Park Accommodation, Johannesburg
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