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Kuils River : Accommodation & Points Of Interest

Kuils River

Kuils River
Kuils River used to be a cattle-post in the 1600's. It is still predominantly a farming community. Kuils River is a quiet, tranquil area with beautiful old church buildings. It is 30mins from Cape Town centre and only minutes away from Cape Town International Airport.

There is a historic theatre in Kuils River called, The Chicken Coop which was built in the 1700's, you can go and see Cabaret Shows, Plays and hear musicians in a warm, comfortable atmosphere. The popular Durbanville Wine Valley is nearby and you can also go to the 3 level Tyger Valley Shopping Mall. You can go horseriding or hiking. Kuils River boasts a superb Golf Course.

Kuils River is on the West Coast and it has a mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and wet, cool winters.

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