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Tygervalley Lifestyle Expo

The Tygervalley Lifestyle Expo is held at the Tygervalley Shopping Mall in the Western Cape. The mall will be a hive of activity and excitement. Both levels of the mall will be displaying a huge variety of lifestyle exhibits such as home decor, interior and exterior designs, accessories and electronic equipment to mention only a few. The expo will be open from 9am each day and close at 7pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sunday will also open at 9am but will close at 5pm. Don't miss out on this great expo. Entrance if free.

If you are looking to make some changes on your home, this is the place to be. If you are thinking of buying a home, this is the place to be. If you just want to browse and get ideas, this is the place to be. Mark the date on your calendar. Prizes will be up for grabs! Customers will stand a chance of wining great prizes at the expo.

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