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A Gift Affair

A Gift Affair
The Gift Affair is held at the Welgemeend Manor in Cape Town in South Africa. It is an annual event and is usually held over the last weekend of November. If you are looking for the perfect and unique gift, then you have found the perfect place. The Gift Affair is where you will find gifts to suite each of your friends, family and that one special person in your life. Each gift is unique and hand made with love. The variety is endless and everything is incredibly well made with only the best on sale. The Affair is held over 3 days which allows plenty of time to browse. Each year offers more and the event has become increasingly popular amongst locals and visitors. Walk around and enjoy all the festivities as well as the delicious cakes and light meals or sit and relax with a glass of local wine and olives. What more could you ask for? It is a day filled with fun, food and friends. Make a note and plan to be there this year.

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