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Kempton Park

The town of Kempton Park owes its growth and development to its proximity to the Johannesburg International Airport. The Airport is South Africa’s main point of entry, and from it extend a network of highways that link to all the major cities of the country. Kempton Park includes within its boundaries the industrial suburbs of Isando and Spartan, making it one of the largest industrial centers in Africa. Close to the airport is situated the World Trade Centre, famous as the venue for the negotiations that led to South Africa’s new Constitution. Tourists can chose from a large selection of restaurants in the area and there is plenty of hotel accommodation at and near to the Airport.

Just outside Kempton Park is the Swartspruit Recreational Area, where there is a beautiful dam with picnic and braai facilities. The area is a must for birdwatchers with its prolific bird life. Bird lovers can also visit the nearby Terenure Bird Farm.

Nearby Points Of Interest




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Kempton Park Accommodation, Ekurhuleni - East Rand
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