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The Bunny Park

The Bunny Park

Come on mom and dad, take the kids out for a picnic that they are sure to enjoy. The Bunny Park in Benoni is one of the few parks where visitors can interact with the animals, buying food for them at the stalls and feeding them. The name is misleading however, as although there are hundreds of rabbits, there are also other farm animals such cows, donkeys, camels, goats, and chickens which roam freely around the park. There are also farmyard and craft activities for the kids as well as poney and camel rides. The park, situated in a grove of oak trees in the beautiful Benoni suburb of Rynfield, gets between 300 - 500 visitors over a weekend, who come to see the animals, picnic, enjoy a cup of tea and a scone at the tea garden, and just relax. The last Saturday of each month sees the park play host to a small craft market.

Opening hours: Open daily from 07h00 to l7h00.

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