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The Health Care Waste Forum Summit & Expo

The Health Care Waste Forum Summit & Expo is a great event which takes place at Emperors Palace in Gauteng every alternate year. The Expo will be held during the month of May 2013. (Dates are to be confirmed)

This expo is all about "accepting your medical waste responsibility - ethically". The expo aims to bring an understanding of prescribed policies and regulation when it comes to disposing medical waste. These issues are becoming an increasing problem in South Africa and many other surrounding countries. This expo will help bring awareness to disposing of waste in the correct way as well as legal and logistics of the situation.

If your business is related to any of the medical services such as general practitioner, surgeon or tattoo artist to mention only a few, then this is a great opportunity to learn and grow in a positive and healthy way for your company.

Don't miss out on this expo. For more information contact 011-675-3462 or visit www.hcwforum.org

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