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Eastwood is one of the oldest suburbs of Tshwane/ Pretoria. Established before the Union Buildings was built in 1910, the suburbs were not named by extension, but given individual names. Situated in the small area between the Union Buildings and the Presidents Residence, Church Street to the South and the top of the Magaliesberg ridge to the north, are a number of proclaimed suburbs, each only comprising a few small blocks. Thus you have Eastwood in the centre, surrounded by Lisdogan, Killberry, Eastcliffe, Blackwood and Brynterion. They all fall under Arcadia for postal purposes and are commonly regarded as part of Arcadia. Many embassies have been drawn by the convenience of its location, most notably the French Embassy, the German Embassy, and others, also from Africa, like Tanzania and Burkina Faso. This area also accommodates the official residence of the President of the Reserve Bank. Brynterion has traditionally been the residences of the Ministers of State, and ha! s lately been closed of from the public, even though very few ministers still live there.

The Presidency's presence brings with a large number of security personnel, making it one of the safest areas in the country. You can walk to the gate along Government Ave, but public is not allowed inside. The Presidency also boasts its own Golf Course, which only a privileged few enjoy on invitation. Many residents from Arcadia and Sunnyside enjoy walking and jogging through the Jacaranda lined streets. You can walk through the gardens of the Union Building but sightseers are not allowed in the building. Maybe you are one of those with a business there! The Office of the President is situated inside and there is a beautiful meeting room for the Cabinet. Foreign Affairs use to share with the Presidency but are now moving to a multi billion rand building just at the bottom of the koppie.

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Eastwood Accommodation, Pretoria - Tshwane
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