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Dinokeng South Accommodation

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Dinokeng South

Dinokeng South is a beautiful area to visit where you will enjoy the warm hospitality of the native residents.

Dinokeng South is full of very exciting things to do. It is nearby to the Cullinan Diamond Mine which is internationally known for its 3108 carat stone called the Cullinan Diamond which is the biggest diamond ever found. The mine is still fully operational and there are public tours including an underground tour of the mine. There is also the Willem Prinsloo Museum which is made up of farm houses which where built in 1880 and 1913 where you will see vintage tractors, horse drawn wagons and a re-creation of an Ndebele dwelling. The Willem Prinsloo Museum also hosts many various festivals every year.

Dinokeng South enjoys a moderate climate with hot summer months with most rainfall as thunderstorms in the afternoon and cool to very cold winter months.

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Dinokeng South Accommodation, Pretoria - Tshwane
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