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Glenvista is a beautiful and peaceful suburb set in the South of Johannesburg, South Africa. Glenvista has a cosmopolitan character and is a sought after area. The area has a large Portuguese community and is well maintained. It is considered a safe neighbourhood. Glenvista is close to all amenities which makes it a convenient holiday destination.

The Glenvista Country Club is set in a picturesque valley of Bassonia and Glenvista. The Country Club is popular amongst locals and visitors from all around the country. It boasts super facilities in a unique setting.
Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve has a history which can be traced back to the mid 1800s and even further back to the 1500s when the area was occupied by Tswana pastoralists during the Iron Age. You are likely to spot mountain rhebuck, duiker, jackal, mongoose, porcupine and dassie in the Reserve.
The Museum of Transport is a historical collection of vintage land transportation vehicles used in South Africa. It is an interesting visit for the whole family. You will get to see many displays from animal drawn vehicles, steam powered vehicles, diesel/electric/petrol vehicles, motorcycles/tricycles/bicycles, fire engines, motor cars and trams.
The Turffontein Race Track is one of South Africa's oldest horse racing venues and is nearby. Many international races are held here. It is a popular venue amongst enthusiasts.
There are many other attractions in the nearby areas such as theme parks, museums, a popular casino and the Johannesburg Zoo to mention only a few.

Glenvista is situated in Johannesburg which enjoys warm to hot summer days with most rainfall as afternoon thunderstorms. The winter months are cool and sunny with temperatures dropping considerably in the evenings.
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Glenvista Accommodation, Johannesburg
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