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Reading Country Club

Reading Country Club

Conveniently situated just outside of the bustling city of Johannesburg you will find Alberton, the home of Reading Country Club. The club is described as the perfect balance between modern facilities and traditional values, stunning natural beauty and welcoming ambience. The club boasts an 18 Hole Golf Course that is set in an undulating, picturesque tree-lined woodlands layout. The course is anything but straightforward and hugely entertaining and satisfies both the golf enthusiast, as well as the professional.

Just before the start of World War 2 people started realising that your family name and position in society made it impossible to join or even visit other clubs and if you wanted to participate in healthy recreation you had to create the opportunities and facilities yourself. It was from this necessity that over slow and often painful stages, the Reading Country Club was born.

Reading Country Club is not just a golf club, it is a venue which can cater for Weddings, Birthdays, Conferences and Special Occasions. The Club House boasts a Bar, Halfway House and Conference Centre. There are 3 facilities that are available for special events. The Main Hall caters for 120 guests with a raised dance floor or 180 guests if you choose the buffet over dancing. This hall is suitable for more formal functions such as weddings, conferences, presentations, gala dinners etc. The Upper Venue caters for 60 guests with a dance floor or 80 guests with a buffet and the atmosphere is relaxed for everyone to enjoy. Finally the Lower Venue caters for 80 guests with a dance floor or 100 guests with a buffet menu and is a child-friendly option with a beautiful view over the 18th green.

Reading Country Club also has a Bowls Section which was officially opened on 11th November 1945. There are 3 bowling greens situated close to the clubhouse and although the top two greens close at the end of August for their annual spring treatment, the bowlers move to the third green, which is affectionately referred to as the cabbage patch. This means that unlike other bowling clubs that close during certain times of the year, Reading Country Club provides all year bowling.

Reading Country Club is steeped in tradition and boasts service excellence, they guarantee that your visit to Reading Country Club will be a pleasurable and memorable one.

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