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Knysna caters for the adventure-seeker in the form of bungy-jumping, paragliding, abseiling, quad-bike rides, and 4x4 trails. Fishermen can try some rock and surf angling, deepsea fishing, and trout and bass fishing. Scuba-divers can explore the wrecks and do some spear-fishing. Horse-riding trails are available in the Harkerville-area.

With an abundance of accommodation Knysna provides the perfect destination for a weekend getaway. Knysna self catering accommodation provides visitors the freedom to come and go as and when, but for those who prefer a meal they haven't had to prepare first thing in the morning, a Knysna Bed and Breakfast will take care of that.

Knysna is a hiker's paradise with some hikes following the rugged coastline and some that go deep into the forests. There are also plenty of mountain-bike trails available. The Knysna Lagoon has become a favourite windsurfing venue.

Knysna and it's surrounds are the home of the famous Knysna Lourie. The Knysna Lagoon is famous for its oysters and is also home to the rare sea-horse, the "Hippocampus capensis".

The old Knysna harbour has been converted into the Knysna Quays Waterfront and it is currently a shopping mall comprising of restaurants and interesting little shops.

For recreation you can enjoy a ride on the "Outeniqua Choo-Choo" to George. The trip lasts nearly three hours (one way) on a narrow-gauge "Class-24" railway powered by a steam locomotive. Snacks and drinks are available onboard the train.

For the wildlife-enthusiasts a trip to the Knysna Elephant Park wont disappoint. An dusk or dawn elephant safari, lasting about three hours, is an unforgettable experience. The Wilderness National Park is also a great option.

History buffs will enjoy the stories of George Rex, said to be a descendant of King George III, even though Rex himself never made such a claim.






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Knysna Accommodation, Garden Route
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