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Thesen Island Accommodation

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Thesen Island

Thesen Islands is a multi-award winning marina development located in the scenic Knysna estuary on the world renowned Garden Route of South Africa. The marina is spread over 90 hectares and consists of 19 man-made islands linked by 21 arched bridges and surrounded by 25 hectares of tidal waterways. The marina consists of 489 individual homes and 56 apartment units, known as the Dry Mill apartments, situated on its own island within the marina. All the homes are built in a colonial maritime architectural style, conforming to Knysnas vernacular architecture and its historical maritime and timber connections.
Thesen Islands is linked by a causeway and bridge to the mainland, and is within walking distance of the scenic waterfront, yacht harbour and town centre of Knysna, one of South Africa’s most picturesque and popular coastal towns.
Even though these islands are separate from the mainland they still have an unparalleled range of facilities. There is something for every family member. Being a marina development, the primary focus is of course on water activities. But self confessed land lovers too have plenty of choice. Relax under your umbrella on the beach, take a stroll in the park, explore the maze, pick fruit in the orchard, spot a rare species from the bird hide, improve your golf putting, run your dog or take the kids to the play park. For those who enjoy racquet games, maybe a hectic game of squash or on a summers evening, mixed doubles tennis under floodlight. And before you turn in for the night, how about a short stroll through the neighbourhood? Safe and still, with moonlit water at your feet and a jeweled sky above, its the perfect prelude to a peaceful nights sleep.
Knysna has a temperate climate with temperatures ranging from 8 degrees Celsius to 23 degrees Celsius. The annual average rainfall is 750mm which is distributed throughout the year with 75% of this falling at night and peaks in October and November. During summer daytime temperatures average 26 degrees Celsius. The winter temperatures average 21 degrees Celsius during the day and seldom fall below 6 degrees Celsius at night.





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Thesen Island Accommodation, Garden Route
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