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Harkerville lies between Plettenberg Bay and Knysna and offers some of the finest examples of indigenous forests as well as commercial State Forests. The Harkerville area consists mainly of farms and smallholdings and has a quaint little village comprising of a few shops. Stunning hiking and cycling trails run through this beautiful part of the country and the area has many craft shops and creative people who live there. There are lovely streams in the forests, eventually cascading over cliffs into the Indian Ocean below. Harkerville is also home to the Garden of Eden, a pristine example of forest with its wooden boardwalks, allowing tourists to experience the true feeling and sounds of the forest. The Knysna Elephant Park is in Harkerville, and it is in this area that the last few famous Knysna Elephants are said to still roam in the forest.





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Harkerville Accommodation, Garden Route
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