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Knysna National Lake Area

The centre of attraction of Knysna National Lake Area is the 15,000 ha Knysna Lagoon, home to the endangered Knysna seahorse and to a wide variety of wetland birdlife, including egrets, spoonbills, gulls, cormorants, ibises, and various waders, such as marsh sandpiper, Greenshank, and Whimbrel.

To the north of town lies the Knysna forest covering over 60 000 ha where massive stinkwoods and yellowwoods tower above the cool moist forest floor below. These forests were once home to the now-extinct Knysna elephant. However numerous smaller mammals can still be found and there is prolific birdlife in the forest and the lagoon.

Fine beaches can be found at Buffalo Bay, Brenton-on-Sea, and Bollard Bay on Leisure Isle.

- Art Galleries
- Arts & Crafts
- Outeniqua Choo-Tjoe
- The Knysna Oyster Company
- bird watching
- hiking
- fishing
- canoeing
- boardsailing

Marine Life: Knysna seahorse, whales, dolphins, seals, oysters
Mammals: bushpig, bushbuck, blue duiker, honey badger, vervet monkey
Birdlife: Knysna lourie, Narina trogon, Knysna scrub warbler, many other aquatic species
Lagoon Fishing: bass and trout
Marine Fishing: steenbras, grunter and leervis

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