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Cola Beach Accommodation

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Cola Beach

Cola Beach is a suburb of Sedgefield and rises up from the dunes offering exquisite views over Myoli beach, Gerickes Point and the valley. The beach itself is one of Sedgefields five beautiful beaches, which all run into each other starting at Swartvlei Beach in the west to Platbank in the east. Even in peak season the beach never gets crowded and at low tide, its easy to walk the 6 km stretch. Access to Cola Beach beach is via a long boardwalk with a decent viewpoint and bench at the top. Rock and surf fishing is a popular activity, with a number of good spots at rocky points towards Platbank and Groenvlei. The beach is a popular beach to fish off and eastwards up to Platbank at Groenvlei, there are several rocky outcrops to fish from. But visitors should be careful of high waves that can sweep the unwary off the rocks in a flash, it has happened and more than once!

A big attraction in the area are the fossilised sand dunes. At the furthest end of Swartvlei beach is Gerickes Pointwhich juts out into the ocean. It reveals some amazingly weathered sandstone cliffs which are in effect fossilised dunes! Thse dunes Extend from Kaaimans River in the east to Brenton-on-Sea in the west, and form borders on both sides of Sedgefield. In some places they look less like dunes and more like buttresses standing resolute and spectacular, This is where the young dune which is only 6 million years old, with little soil development or shrub cover, exposes the much older calcified dune that is over 120 million years old, eroded now into steep cliffs by wind, water and sand erosion. The dunes were originally formed over 2 million years ago and were central to the development of the coastal lakes of the Garden Route region. These dune cliffs along Sedgefield beaches are some of the highest on South Africas coastline and at sunset their weathered forms offer some magnificent photographic opportunities as they change colour from golden yellow to deep rich ocre.




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Cola Beach Accommodation, Garden Route
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