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The Garden Route is home to two exceptional tourist destinations George and Knysna, and tucked away between these you will find the beautiful and popular Wilderness National Park. The Park protects three major zones of indigenous forest, four types of Fynbos (wild shrubs), lakes and winding waterways. There is a series of lakes that are joined by the Touws River and that fall into the park. These Lakes are Eilandvlei, Langvlei and Rondevlei.

Bo-Langvlei or Upper Langlvlei lies 3 Kilometres from Kleinkrantz and along with Rondevlei frequently support the most diverse and abundant water bird communities. Surveys on Langvlei alone indicate that at times water bird abundance can exceed 7000 individuals. These are made up of over 65 different species. This abundance of water birds, and in particular ducks and geese which are often made up of nine different species, represents the largest concentration of species and individuals along the southern and eastern Cape coasts.

It is important to note that Rondevlei, Bo-Langvlei and the channels between them were designated as fishing exclusion areas, under the Ramsar Site, to prevent the impacts associated with fishing and bait collection.

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